There are different ways of commencing a business in India. One could do business as a Sole Proprietor, a Partnership Firm (Un-regulated entities), Trust, Limited Liability Partnership (‘LLP’) or a Corporation. The choice of entity depends on the nature and objective of business for e.g. time period, investors etc. The most common type of presence is by incorporating a Company. Lodha & Bhatt provides an entire range of services that eliminates confusion and ensures proper guidance at every step of the way for quick execution of the company incorporation process.

Our Services Include:

  • Assistance in obtaining all licenses and registrations for starting a business in India
  • Advice on appropriate entity suitable for your business
  • Setting up an entity within prescribed timelines
  • Handling all compliances related to company formation

The start-up bandwagon has become the alpha of industries. A widespread concept that has gained a hallmark prominence across nations. However, start-ups are vulnerable entities and are in danger of shutting down due to a lack of funds and the right direction. We assist start-ups in understanding the dynamics of the business and plan a strategy for the future. We save new ventures from deadlock situations and go the extra mile to resolve any possible conflict before they become a threat.

Our Services Include:

  • A step by step guide on seeking investment
  • Preparation of financial strategy
  • Preparation of business plan
  • Assistance in regulatory compliance

The need for a business valuation can arise for several reasons: incoming investors, lawsuits, inheritance, business sale, partner exit, public offering, or net worth certification. At Lodha & Bhatt, we provide comprehensive support to our clients to justify the valuation arrived at. Our valuations can be a powerful driver for you to understand how you can better manage your business.

Our Services Include:

  • Understanding your business and its prospects
  • Identifying the dynamic factor of your organization
  • Analysing past performances and determining future challenges
  • Testing accuracy and sensitivity of business models
  • Undertaking feasibility study and assisting our clients with forecasting of viability, cash flow, and business financing strategies