LLP Consulting

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is an incorporated business organization, which holds elements of both a Partnership Firm and a Limited Company. In limited liability partnership, its partners have limited liability like shareholders to a corporation.. The designated partners to LLP have the right to manage their internal and external business affairs directly, in accordance with the LLP Agreement. Every partner has his/her own responsibilities and liabilities, and one is not responsible or liable for any misconduct, negligence, or delinquency of other partners to LLP.

What Lodha and Bhat offers?

Lodha & Bhatt offers LLP Consulting / Advisory services which are highly distinguished as the best solution provider for LLP Consulting services.

  • LLP name registration
  • LLP agreement drafting
  • Annual filing
  • Induction of new partners
  • Conversion of Company into LLP
  • Conversion of an LLP into a company
  • Reconstruction or arrangement of an LLP
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