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The whole world seems to be talking about the word ‘start-up’, This widespread concept today has gained a hallmark prominence across nations.

The total number of start-ups is rising in developed economies as well as emerging markets are alike. The start-up bandwagon has become the alpha of industries. In India almost every fortnight a start-up starts its operation and while another one bites the dust.

Many start-ups shut down because of lack of funds and right direction. We assist start-ups in understand the dynamics of the business and plan a strategy for future. We save new ventures from deadlock situations and go an extra mile to resolve any possible conflict.

Solvent liquidations

If shareholders or a holding company no longer require a company, they will often place it into solvent liquidation. If so, their main objectives will be to:

  • Realise the assets of the company
  • Resolve all outstanding matters of the company, including the settlement of claims of all creditors; and to,
  • Distribute the surplus assets to the stakeholders.

The liquidation of companies that are no longer required by shareholders or the holding company often achieves a number of benefits. These include:

  • Group simplification – eliminating dormant legal entities to achieve a more cost efficient company structure;
  • Savings in audit and accounting costs;
  • Savings in management time preparing financial information, tax returns and annual returns;
  • Recognising and avoiding corporate memory loss, the loss or lack of transfer of knowledge within an organisation caused by departing senior executives;
  • Reducing the number of directorships held personally. 

What Lodha and Bhat offers?

We can assist in all stages of the solvent liquidation process. We regularly act as liquidators of solvent companies initiating and finalising liquidations in a timely and appropriate manner

Liquidation of investment funds

Investment funds may fail to attain critical size because of lack of market interest or a reduction in value of underlying assets. In such cases the Board may propose the dissolution of the fund to investors and the appointment of a liquidator.

We assist our clients with the elaboration of a detailed liquidation plan and it also Improves the coordination of the different functions involved like client relationship management, accounting, legal , transfer agent and depository bank. Because of our experience we respect of the original time schedule, to the satisfaction of investors and it needs No tie-up of management time.

Our services as liquidators include

  • Realisation of assets
  • Cancellation of contracts and identification of liabilities;
  • Supervise the maintenance of accounting records;
  • File tax returns
  • Call shareholders’ meetings
  • Prepare the report of the liquidator to the General Meeting
  • Organise the audit of the liquidation and respond to auditors’ queries.
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