Internal Audit

An audit is a necessity to protect your business and encourage it to thrive. An audit gives early warnings, opens communication and enables pragmatic resolution of issues for an entity.

We gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, by integrating rigorous risk assessment with diagnostic processes. Our audit procedures are tailored to the specific audit.

Our continuous audit process helps us remain in touch with our clients throughout the year. As a result, we are able to add value through our feedback on business decisions that could affect financial statements.

Internal Audit

Lodha & Bhatt specializes in Internal and Management audits which are conducted to give an unbiased and comprehensive analysis to the management about the functional efficiency of organization. Along with this, we also suggest possible improvements.

Our internal audits are designed to suit each client’s specific need. Our value-added services aid the client in managing their operational challenges, achieving strategic goals and in complying with the regulatory norms.

We adopt a ‘Risk based Audit’ method, Our Internal/Management audits focuses on.

  • Review of current business processes and including a benchmarking exercise
  • Critical operations review
  • Critical evaluation to suggest the areas of strengthening
  • Assisting  in meeting Corporate Governance requirements
  • Identifying and recommending areas of cost reduction, revenue optimization, and improving operational efficiency

Our Services Include:

  • Outsourced Internal audit
  • Review of compliance and management controls
  • Due diligence of investments, mergers and acquisition
  • Special purpose Investigative audits
  • Fraud audits

What Lodha and Bhat offers?

We ensure that our clients have strong internal systems in place so that, the risk of accidental and deliberate errors are minimized. Our objective is that your recourses are optimized and the output is to the maximum possible value.

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